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{August 5, 2014}   Ok…so HERE is the big news!

I have gone through hell with this job interview process but I GOT the job! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! Times a million!!!! I am so thrilled..I start tomorrow! And I am now a Director and I AM thrilled to make such a GREAT and FREAKING DESERVED increase in salary! NO JOKE!! I was so freaking underpaid at my last job…let’s just say that they are now hiring TWO people to replace me..yes, that is TWO people…I was OVER FREAKING worked and UNDER FREAKING paid….but now I can earn what I am OWED AND have a FREAKING life….HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!! so I can actually SEE my friends..AND, dare I say it, DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had NO LIFE WHAT SO EVER FOR THE PAST 6 YEARS…going from 300 events to 1,500 IN 6 YEARS with no extra people AND THAT leaves me with NO FREE TIME and I said so in my exit interview…as well as I HAVE NO FREAKING work/life balance….yes, MAKE that damn note Ms. HR! So, now I am going to get my red head butt back out there to date, date, and more date…for better or for worse…god, I hope it’s for better…the boyfriend should be right around the corner….please send prayers!!!!!!!!!! And I get to be a DIRECTOR now…and I am now 40 years old!..and it’s so awesome! Thanks for everyone that sent positive wishes…..keep you posted!! I start in just 12 hours…LOL! 


I have been waiting for a job that just asked me to do a 4th interview last month…man, getting creative about where I was from my current job during the interviews was challenging….but I pulled it off. NOW that I have been through 4 interviews, they have basically told me that the job is MINE…not kidding..and it’s been 11 days since my last interview..where they told me their plans for my hire and were going to check my references which they were sure were STUNNING…but I am still waiting on the offer letter..really?!?!?! I know that we just had a holiday but how freaking long does it take HR to call references and create an offer letter?!?!?!?! I just want to move on my with my life and I know that of I don’t leave my current work place I won’t be able to move up in my career and also start dating…my normal work load is 60+ hours a week and I have NO personal life…I want to leave, I need to leave….I WANT A FREAKING LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! And with this new job, I would get this new life..AND I would meet all kinds of new, single men…I want to move up in every sense of the word. I want a life…hell I deserve a life after 7 years of busting my ass doing 1,000+ events every freaking year for NO money…and that is 3 events a day…I work my ass off and no one at my current job even cares…NOT kidding….I am undervalued and underappreciated..which probably goes for most people in their current work place..I am just DONE being screwed over professionally and hence personally….thinking about sending a follow up email by the end of the week…nothing is better than not knowing and these past two weeks have stressed me OUT….

I had a 4th interview for a new job..and at this point, I am exhausted over interviewing..but it’s all good! They are currently checking my references..which are TOP NOTCH!! And with this new job, there are SINGLE men whom I have NEVER met!!! YEEE HAWW!!!! I am so excited to not only move on in my career but also in my personal life…please, PLEASE, PLEASE send positive thoughts…that I can truly MOVE on in my life….in so many ways…just another week or two and I will be giving my notice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I ask is that you send nothing but positive thoughts so I can move forward in my life…thank you!!!

{March 30, 2014}   Worst date ever!!!

So I was honored as Miss March in a single’s blog here in Baltimore…and it was awesome! The very first guy that wrote me told me how beautiful I am and really wanted to take me out to paint the town red….with the intention of making me his next fact, he sent me an ecard that said “I would date you so hard and marry the shit out of you!” The compliments never stopped over the two weeks of flirting through emails and text messages…and I was so excited since he was a friend of a college friend (in fact, he got such HIGH remarks from my friend…she LOVES him after 20 years of friendship)…and he decided to friend me on FB and then he couldn’t stop flirting with me or texting or emailing me since Mid March…..and I was SOOOO excited to meet this guy. He is 50 years old, single, extremely cute, divorced, and incredibly charming….well our first date last night was nothing short of the worst date of my life…I will list the pros and cons below:

– He hates himself and he can’t answer really..I asked nicely why..and he has NO idea why he hates himself….

– He is afraid of EVERYTHING!

– I did have a few laughs…and was entertained….since is so incredibly animated and cute.,…

– He is 100% insecure! I asked him why..again…he doesn’t know why…

– He emotionally cheated on his ex wife and lied about doing drugs….that is why he is divorced…and still does drugs today…

– Described the length and width of his penis..and how much he loves culingus!! Wants to fuck me….

– Kept ask me throughout the date “So how do you think this is going??” Was also CONSTANTLY fishing for compliment AFTER compliment AFTER compliment AFTER compliment AFTER compliment….and I was positive as possible…trying to turn the date around…ALL niiiggghhht lllooonnnggg……..

– Talked to the next table of people because they somehow looked familiar and “wanted to impress me” and told me this! “So hey, you were impressed that I walked up to total strangers and started the conversation right? I did this for you…you are so beautiful! I want you to be impressed by me!!”

– I would never fall in love with someone like him with his job if I just met him on the street….(which is not true…he was being completely judgmental)…

– He hates his job …..Hates being poor and lives with his mother since he can’t afford rent. He is the baby of the family and is a mama’s boy and he takes 100% advantage of that….and doesn’t care….he will never leave her or move out of her house…

– He has no decent clothes since he lost 20 pounds…and the only pants that fit are the ones that he is wearing DURING THE DATE. He wears khakis that are “koala pants” that he sells in every day..and makes more money for his boss..and is sick of being poor. Again, hates his job…and is completely miserable….

– Was upset that I was friendly with the waiter during our date….after all, I am HIS date..and HE is paying for dinner (which he mentioned 4 times!)

– He had 8 shots of Jameson and three beers during our three hour date (that I know of…since he had a bar tab that he got transferred to our dinner table prior to my arrival) and then could barely walk at the end of the date to my car….yes, he asked me to drive him to his car at the end…and his car was 20 feet away…

– Went to the bathroom and said “Need anything while I am in there?”….ok…WTF????? What I would need in the men’s bathroom???

– He constantly lectured me on how not to use certain words or phrases because they are overly used or quoted…like “Carpe Diem” and I felt so “put down” ….I don’t remember signing up for any fucking lecture….wow….this is a date..not a college class Mr. PhD! He tried to make himself look so smart..and me so dumb…like I don’t know anything EVER….or that I needed him to educate me…ok, like NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

– He didn’t bring enough money to the dinner…he only brought cash and doesn’t have any credit cards…RED flag…sounds like he has extremely bad credit….AND I had to pay for 20% of my dinner….while 70% of the dinner was his 8 shots of Jameson and his three beers…but he couldn’t afford my dinner…so I had to whip out my credit card….wow…this was really shitty since he was constantly mentioning how he WAS PAYING for dinner! 4 TIMES!!!!!!!!!! He even got upset if he had to wait 5 minutes for his next shot of Jameson….wow….I have never been on a date with someone who had 11 drinks in 3 hours…

– When we were was raining and the front door was blocked by 10 people waiting for their car under the tent..and I said..twice..”excuse me” to the lady that was blocking the door…and while he was drunk and impatient..he pushed open the door into the lady’s back..and then didn’t apologize for hitting her and she looked at me like it was my fault..and I said “it wasn’t me…gosh sorry.” She then joked “yeah, it wasn’t you”….and he didn’t even apologize to her as we walked to my car!!! WTF!!! It was his minimum of 8 shots of Jameson and three beers….and being a complete douche bag….and hitting her in the back with the door!

– Then, when he asked me to drive him to his car that was 20 feet away…. he got upset that I didn’t kiss him goodnight in the car..I KNEW what he was up to……and he was beyond upset when I didn’t reciprocate…..and I said “I don’t kiss on the first date…” And he mentioned he would like to see me on a second date….and then text me the second he got home….even though I really thought he was going to follow me the two miles to my house……I kept watching my rear view mirror….part scared….

I then text him this morning “Thanks again for dinner. I simply don’t feel a connection. Best of luck.” He then proceeded to become even more of a 5 year old child and de-friend me on Facebook and block me…. Wow..dude…and thank you..I totally and UTTERLY dodged a bullet there…being 200% immature and not able to accept a polite “thanks but no thanks” remark at 50 means you will NEVER grow up and be miserable the rest of your life….

So…onto the next!!!!

{February 21, 2014}   Disappointed but moving on…

So last night John called and said “There is something missing for me but I don’t know what it is” and my heart sank. I know it’s not me and I didn’t do anything wrong but that was really a JERK thing to say especially since I JUST met his friends on Saturday at a dinner party and I scored a 10+ with them! In fact, he even said “My friends are going to smack me and call me stupid.”

Please tell me that not ALL of the single Baltimore men are THIS FUCKING SCREWED UP!

All I can do is move on….

{February 16, 2014}   Another great date!

Dinner with his friends went really, really well. We all laughed and talked for about 5 hours and even played a rousing game of “Cards Against Humanity” (which is a FANTASTIC game by the way) and John and I ended the evening around 2 am. However, he is not only going out of town but is still dating other women. So I have to wait three weeks to see him for our next date. Stay tuned.

{February 12, 2014}   Meeting the friends…

So now I have made it to “meeting the friends” level. John invited me to a dinner party on Saturday night with some of his friends and I am nervous and thrilled at the same time…it’s like one step below meeting the parents and I guess I have made the far…because I know there are other women still in the picture…I just don’t know how many other women. I know of 2 for sure..but that’s it.

Looking forward to the weekend…fingers crossed it all goes well!

{February 11, 2014}   Hello again….

I know I am about 2 months behind with posting..please forgive me. I’ve been busy with the job search AND I have started dating…no joke. Minus a few “no shows” / “false alarms” I have started seeing this guy named John. Just as the new year started my subscription to Eharmony expired and I didn’t renew…the very last week I was on the site, I was matched with John and he wrote me right way. I wrote back that my subscription was ending and that if he wanted to continue the conversation he could email me directly. Well he did and we have been out three times in the past three weeks. At first, I wasn’t sure about John…since the first date was lukewarm….but I kept an open mind and our second date made up for it AND when John kissed me my toes started to curl! And our third date was even better…now the only problem is that he is dating other women…so I have not seen John in about 2 weeks…and I just have to learn to live with that…I guess this what you call casual dating. SO I am being attentive when he texts me or emails me but I am also NOT pretending that we are in a relationship…because we aren’t…I am not the only women in the picture. And all we have done is made out which has been fun. We may or may not end up being exclusive…as I said to him two weeks ago “You have to find the best match for you, and I have to find the best match for me.” Hence the dating game. Also, I am going to be featured as single of the month in Baltimore through a email newsletter that is sent out once a month to thousands of Baltimore professionals. I am Miss March and thrilled to be featured as a the single of the month of March. The executive director of the newsletter is now in my inner circle and we have become good friends. So I have a feeling that my dance card is going to be a little fuller in just a few weeks. I am so thrilled that I have started dating again! Stay tuned!

{December 25, 2013}   Happy Holidays!

I know I have not posted in over 2 months. Sorry about that. My job has been unbelievably busy..I’ve been working 70+ hour weeks most weeks and the pace has been excruciating…

I am sincerely hoping that I find my significant other in 2014 and I am hoping to change my job situation so I am working more reasonable hours. I think 2014 is my year to change all of this..truly….

For now, I wish you all joy and peace for this upcoming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Single in Baltimore

{October 4, 2013}   I wish I had better news…

but I got stood up last night. And I know it’s NOTHING that I said or did since we had not even met yet and our mutual friend told him wonderful things about me.  This guys is such a DOUCHE BAG (unless he is in the hospital) for not even calling or texting me to say he could not make our date. Now I know why this guy is single. DOUCHE!

I am trying with every ounce of my soul to keep hope alive and remember that I did absolutely NOTHING wrong in this situation. I just happen to be set up with a complete dick that has no respect for women. And I bet my friend had no idea of the level of douchness this guy brings with it comes to women. So I know it’s not my friend’s fault.


All I can do is just keep going…please send all positive vibes my way that I don’t end up alone for the second half of my life.

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